Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring-New Life!

Spring , I think, has finally come, and our much anticipated foals definitely arrived.The first one was born May 1st and the other one came on May 9th. Both of these foals were colts and are named Reuban and Moose. Reuban is a good match to our yearling colt from last year and they will make a good team in the future. Moose was a big, strong colt, thus the name! Mares and foals are doing well!!
We've had more calves born and still more to come, along with chicks hatching from the incubator, there's been lots of new life.
The cultivator, disc, and seed drills were going full speed last week and also the manure spreader. The air was a little stinky for a few days but the manure is good for the soil. Bill got half the corn in and all the grain got planted. Now we need to wait for it to dry up again to finish the corn and plant the beans. Some warmer weather would be great too!!

We're having a Yard Sale on Saturday, May 21st from 9-3 if anyone's interested. Rain or shine.

and......It's BBQ time....So....
Steaks and Smoked Chops On Special

We're having a Special on T-Bone and Sirloin Steaks along with Smoked Pork Chops,
starting May 18 until May 24th.

T-Bone Steaks will be $5.49/lb ( reg. 6.49)
Sirloin Steaks will be $5.29/lb (reg. 6.29)

Smoked Pork Chops will be $3.19/lb (reg. $3.59)

We're well stocked for your summer meat needs and look forward to seeing some of you. Support your local farmer and KNOW where your meat comes from!!!
By Chance or by appointment.
Enjoy Spring.

Chow for Now.
Wendy for Knollbrook Farms

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